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Welcome to Small Claims London, the County Court, High Court and HMCTS. This is your website for Money Claims, Possession, Eviction, Injunctions, Enforcement, Bailiffs, Landlord / Tenant and  all other Civil Matters.


I have been in business for over 40 years and I trusted Solicitors to protect me and my business. Not only did they give me poor advice, they charged by the hour and letting the clock run on.


35 years ago I decided enough was enough and I began handling my own legal affairs. I was successful and family and friends approached me to assist them in their own legal matters.   In 2008 I decided to offer my knowledge and experience to Companies, Businesses of all sizes and to the Public on a commercial basis at rates that are typically 20% of what Solicitors charge. I do not charge by the hour and quote for any work I do, in advance. I also give Free Legal Advice


You can expect a professional service where all my clients have access to me 7 days a week and out of hours.I do not employ any staff and your case is handled by me personally as if it were my own case.


You'll also be pleased to learn, I am fortunate that I don't need alot to live on, therefore my fees are more than reasonable. Legal Justice is more important than money.




I draft all legal documents and have vast experience in representation in the court room  and I also deal with large and complex cases too.


If you need Free Legal Advice or Representation in Court, click on this link  Legal Representation to learn more on who I am and what I can do for you.


I have had no legal training nor hold any legal qualifications but that shouldn't deter you from contacting me. I have clients all over the UK and Internationally that I have served and they are willing to personally give you a reference on my ability, performance and efficiency.


Testimonial by an opponent City of London Senior Solicitor 18th September 2015


My name is Tony Fischer of Small Claims Ltd. Here is what an opponent Senior Solicitor has testified and authorised me to publish his actual words on my site:

This is by a solicitor opponent of Mr Fischer.  It is not by a client.  Opponents might give even a better indication of dealings than own clients.  I did not agree with or approve of all of Mr Fischer's arguments or tactics.  That is probably inevitable as an opponent.  The fundamental point, that may be of assistance to others, is that, in my view, without Mr Fischer's efforts, I doubt whether the case would have settled and in the way that it did.  It was a pleasure to deal with Mr Fischer.  I would prefer that my identity is not published.  If anyone wishes to verify what is said here, they may ask Mr Fischer to pass on to me their contact details.             


Ministry of Justice Latest News

The Chancellor, George Osborne has announced he now wishes to extract profits from the Ministry of Justice to contribute to the Exchequer. With the Court system imploding, this announcement surely confirms that the public are now at even more risk to the barriers of obtaining Justice.

The Ministry of Justice have confirmed they are hiking the application fee from £155.00 to £255.00. What does this mean for you? One example ....... If you don't receive a claim form from the Court where a Claimant is making a claim against you, the Claimant will enter a default judgement against you without your knowledge.

You can only rectify this by making an application and pay the Court Fee for permission to set judgement aside and re-instate the claim.

Absolutely Outrageous !!! 

Further, Court Fees are also increasing to issue claims which means Access to Justice for all is not true. You should contact your MP and complain.


How Can I Assist You?



An Index is listed near the foot of this website for you to view on information that may help you on what you are looking for. If you cannot find the information, then contact me and I will endeavour to assist you.

There is also some of my case history for you to review and testimonials from clients, both here and abroad.


Free Legal Advice

You can contact me by email or phone to answer some queries you may have on your case including the costs , the civil law that applies and any other matter. There is no charge. My main consideration is to resolve your case without the need to go to Court which can be expensive and stressful.


Legal Representation

Contact me to discuss representing you or your company in court, the costs and how I will work with you. Click here Representation to give you more information


My Brief and Aims

I went into Law because not only do I enjoy the work, but also to help those who cannot afford the costs of Solicitors and Barristers. I have also worked pro bono for some clients on deserving cases who were on State Benefit.


Areas of Law I Cover


All Civil Cases but not limited to:


Personal Bankruptcy    

Money Claims

Building, Trade & Construction Disputes

Contract Law 

Civil Fraud

Winding Up Companies

Judgement Enforcement    

Tenant Evictions

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Property / Boundary Disputes


Consumer Law

Sale of Goods Act

Goods Not Fit For Purpose

Commercial Leases / Rent Reviews / Dilapidations

Bailiffs - The Law has changed in favour of the Creditor

Reclaiming Possession of Goods