Legal Representation


Legal Representation for Small Claims, Fast Track, DON'T PAY SOLICITORS £250 PER HOUR

I will give you Legal Representation for you or your company in court. I will also give you Free Legal Advice. There are some cases I am not allowed to represent you, but Judges have given me audience in any event but this is not always guaranteed.


Where I feel you need a Barrister at trial, I will suggest you use James who is an experienced Senior Counsel and will only charge £100.00 per hour, but in practise, he never uses the clock. Rather, he will advise you of the time he will spend before he commences work.

I have worked with James successfully on a number of cases and we have developed a great relationship to assist my clients.


Your Access to Me

As you will be aware, if you use a Solicitor, their working times are Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, AND, when you call, you may not be able to speak to them for a few days.

I don't operate that way. I believe Clients should have immediate access to their Advisor. I make myself available 7 days a week, and at evenings too. 

I believe my clients need reliability and accessability. I also have access to James, my Barrister out of hours


Started a Case and Cannot Cope?

I have clients who call me after they have commenced a claim or entered a defence and then are stuck on going forward. I have had cases where I've had to change both the claim or defence and some cases where the client is suing the wrong person or entity.

If not addressed, these errors can impact on the outcome of a case.

It's not a problem for me to jump in and take over from you. Just call me !









I will give you Free Legal Advice when you come to me with your case, I will be honest in the assessment of any merits or deficiencies. I have so many people contacting me wishing to start legal proceedings that have no merit and could result in legal costs awarded against them if they lost their case.

Conversely, I have other people wishing to defend a case that will surely fail. So I may give you information that you don't wish to hear, but I do so to save you wasted costs in the long run.


What You Need to Know About the Courts


I'm writing this as of May 2015. A few years back, the Ministry of Justice closed 151 County Courts. This placed a burden on the remaining Courts. During the different processes that the Courts take through your case, you will find they are slow and inefficient, sometimes causing you to miss deadlines set out by the Judge.


The Courts have also reduced the times allowed for hearings and do not deal with issues that are important to you as they process your case. The MoJ have also hiked the Court Fees. All these significant changes tell me they don't want your case in Court.


They just don't have the machinery to deal with matters that are important to you. In essence, the Courts are imploding and not fit for purpose.


In this knowledge I have to take into account what and how the Court is going to advance the case. I also have to make provision for any matter that was not dealt with by the Court during the stages of process. 

I could have made an application to the Court to deal with a particular issue before the final hearing takes place. But then I run the risk of having costs awarded against my client for making that application, so one has to balance out how to run a case.