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Small Claims County Court Free Legal Advice for County Court Claims, whether Small Claims or Fast Track claims. 

My name is Tony Fischer and here at Small Claims I will give you Free Legal Advice. County Court and High Court proceedings can be an expensive business and I assume you are here because you don't wish to give an open cheque book for Solicitors or Barristers Fees.

I handle Large Claims too

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You should be aware I am not legally qualified, nor have I had any legal training, but through being in business from an early age and handled my own legal cases, families, friends of friends, I have accumulated a wealth of very extensive experience of county court litigation.

I can assist you and draft and complete all legal documents that are required for a court case, for which I do not charge a fee.

I can also represent you in Court under The Lay Representatives (Rights of Audience) Order 1999, provided you also attend court. 

You are welcome to contact me to for further information or to evaluate your case free of charge.

I will also discuss with you the costs involved before you engage my services including any court fees if you are a claimant.

I also have clients in Europe and The United States. My services have been invaluable to them, as they are mostly businesses and have suffered losses with UK based companies. I explained the court procedures, the court fees and time scales involved in their cases, free of charge. 


Whether you are a business or an individual, I will help you get your Justice without incurring huge costs. I have successfully assisted many individuals and companies in their cases in the County Court.

Small Claims start in the County Court. Larger claims are also started in the County Court up to maximum of £99,999.00. There are exceptions when claims are started in the High Court. Under The Jackson Reforms, the Small Claims limit has risen to £10,000.00

It's important to undestand the consequences of taking a claim to County Court. There are different rules which apply to proceedings depending on what type of claim you are pursuing or defending. These rules dictate the costs involved.
Whether you are an individual or a business, I will fight your corner.


I have a client bank of Individuals and Businessses who will provide you with references on the services they have received.


I believe I have opened up the arena of County Court to those who cannot afford or who do not wish to spend huge sums of money on Legal Fees. This is so important where certain claims do not allow you to recover Legal Fees

I will evaluate your case free of charge and advise you in my opinion if you are likely to fail or succeed and before you engage our services, we will set out the costs of our fees and also any court fees that will need to be paid.

My foremost consideration is to get you Justice. We use the court process as a last resort. In the evaluation of your case, whether you are a Claimant or a Defendant, we will give you an honest appraisal even if its not what you wish to hear.

I will not take you down the route of County Court if your case is not robust. In a County Court Claim or County Court Defence, there must be substance to support your case.

My fee will be a fraction of the cost of a Solicitor. I will not bill you for every phone call, letter or email. It will be a fixed quote fee.

You should read my article on 

Solicitors Fees and How They Bill You

If you would like to discuss your legal case with me free of charge, then go to Contact Us

and write a short email detailing your case, leaving a contact name and phone number whereby we will respond.

Alternatively, you can call us by going to our

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I have acquireded a wealth of knowledge over many years in civil law, from evaluating a case, preparing papers, including bundles of documents for evidence, witness statements, statutory declarations, allocation questionnaire, disclosure of documents and attending court with the client.

If there is an area of law I am are unsure of, I can go to a top firm of London West End Solicitors for guidance, where my personal friend is Head of Litigation.


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We Offer Expertise in :

  • Landlord / Tenant / Tenancy Deposit Refunds

  • Technology / Construction

  • Bankruptcy

  • Insolvency

  • Judgement Enforcement

  • Private / Commercial Leases

  • Civil Money / Property Claims

  • Injuctions

  • Goods not delivered or as described / advertised

  • Bailiff Nuisance

  • Contract Disputes

  • Professional Negligence

  • Property and Boundary Disputes

  • Debt Collection Agency Harassment

  • House Repossession Problems

  • Insurance Claims / Companies not paying

  • Misrepresentation

  • Parking Tickets / Bailiffs

These are just some case examples we handle. Please contact us where we will be pleased to discuss your case Free Of Charg